Organizations have typically adhered to an annual budgeting ceremony where funds are allocated across an organization to a variety of program and project areas. The purpose is to realize the organization’s strategy. Unfortunately, the success of this approach is mixed at best. Funding is decided upfront based on assumptions that are poorly understood. Once work is broken down there is little connection to the organizational value it’s supposed to deliver. There is little accountability for business results the further a team is away from executive leadership.

Value Driven Management (VDM) is a way of working that advocates embracing agile principles throughout the entire organization (including Finance, HR, PMO, Product, Program, Portfolio). This approach enables leaders to steer their strategic portfolio more deliberately to maximize value from investments and realize the outcomes earlier.

This talk will introduce Value Driven Management, cover case studies and practical examples, end with an interactive exercise on getting started with VDM in your organization, and leave the audience with lessons learned.

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