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Agile Alliance is hosting its second Agile Alliance Technical Conference in 2017. We’re Linda Cook and Paul Hammond, members of the Agile Alliance Board, and we would like to share why Agile Alliance considers a technically-focused conference to be so important to our overall mission.

Agile Alliance connects with its members and the community at large in many ways, one of which is through the conferences it hosts. Many of you will be aware of the annual Agile20XX conference, the Agile Executive Forum, and more recently our virtual OnAgile conference. You may have even attended our Agile Brazil 2016 conference.

We Need To Talk More About Technical Practices

While all of our conferences have fantastic technical content across a variety of key subject areas, our connection to the broader technical community around the world could be stronger in order to truly support organisations across the full spectrum of disciplines.

Agile Alliance is committed to recapturing the hearts and minds of those involved in building software. Our Agile Alliance Technical Conference (AATC20XX) will provide a deeply engaging experience which unites engineering and architectural ideas with our big umbrella Agile thinking. AATC20XX is inspired by the mission of Agile Alliance to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable. Attendees come to learn together, practice the art of building software, and network with world-class technology and Agile thought leaders.

At the inaugural AATC2016 conference, the speakers were fantastic, the participants were highly engaged, and everyone came to learn and teach. The feedback received told us we had started on a good path towards our commitment.

Join Us For AATC2017

We invite you to take part in this exciting event. Join us in Boston in April 2017 for AATC2017. Keep stopping by our blog for more information from your AATC2017 Conference Chairs as they grow and shape a great program for you all.

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