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October 20 | Online

This virtual event featured must-see talks from Agile transformation and organizational design experts around the world.

OnAgile2016 Keynotes Sessions

Esther Derby Agile Author & Speaker

Esther Derby

Chris Fussell

Rachel Mendelowitz

OnAgile2016 Co-Chairs

Jason Little

Stephanie Davis

OnAgile2016 Session Videos

Stories of Remote Teams Doing Great Things
In the past, we had to go to a specific geographic place in order to access the information we needed for our work. Now, that information is likely accessible from anywhere. And this gives us the opportunity to play with new ways of working and new b…
Dynamic Teams
Fluidity for the Win! The long-standing belief that teams are better performing with stable membership, based on Tuckman's model of Team Development, may not be entirely accurate. Dynamic teams, where people are free to move more rapidly from smal…
An Outsider Assessment of Spotify Culture by an Insider
Spotify has become a role model for Agile organizations, mostly due to the publishing of the Spotify Engineering Culture videos. As always, the reality on the ground is more nuanced and more interesting that what is publicly presented. As an Agile Co…
Organize for Complexity
How Our Organizations Will Become Agile, Radically Decentralized, and Networked Sooner Than We Think Business, markets and societies have changed, but the principles, methods and concepts of organizational leadership haven’t, by and large.Rigid an…
Scaling Agile Projects to Programs
Small-World Networks of Autonomy, Collaboration, and Exploration We hear a lot about “scaling” agile these days. We have frameworks that lumber, scaled meetings that provide dubious value, and management who still want to know when we will be done…
Innovation is 99% Iteration
How Top Companies use Lean Teams to Succeed at Innovation Digital innovation is no longer about the big idea. Now, companies succeed at innovation by getting new ideas to market quickly and rapidly iterating based on user behavior and feedback. Ge…
Simple to Complex
Lessons from the Battlefield to Business A discussion of complexity theory, lessons learned from Special Forces, and the Team of Teams approach to build organizational adaptability that highlights the root causes of the many challenges businesses …
Managing for Happiness
Games, Tools and Practices to Motivate Any Team The research is clear: happy workers are more productive workers. Managing for Happiness is about concrete management advice for all workers. Practical things that people can do next Monday morning i…
Six Rules for Change
Agile transformations are often much slower than hoped for, and more painful than anticipated. In the end, you may be left with feelings of frustration and dismay rather than the benefits you hoped for. How can we make change--whether it's adopting S…

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