Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2016

April 7 – 9   |   Raleigh Marriott Crabtree   |   Raleigh, NC

The first annual Agile Alliance Technical Conference was a great success.
Plans are underway for Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2017

AATC 2016 Videos and Event Sessions

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About AATC 2016

Agile processes such as Scrum and XP have been in the mainstream for some time.

However, if organizations transition to Scrum or a similar process without adopting leading technical practices, they struggle. This conference focused on the leading technical practices which are key to frequent delivery and a sustainable pace.

While classics like TDD and CI (and more) are still as relevant as ever in today’s development environments, we will also explore new technical practices now emerging.

Continuous delivery, continuous deployment, mob programming, microservices, DevOps, infrastructure as code, guiding development with examples and business-facing tests are just a few of the hot topics practitioners are discussing.

Our scope goes beyond software development.

Agile technical practices have long been moving beyond development to delivery, and even beyond software to include other technical disciplines.


We recorded several of the sessions at Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2016.

You can find links to those videos in the session descriptions in the schedule below.


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Pivotal Labs, USA

ThoughtWorks, South Africa

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Unbound DNA, Australia

Lean-Agile Partners, USA

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Phil Brock

Agile Alliance, USA

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Jessica Small & Yvonne Dewar

Elastic Communications & Events, Canada

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