Extreme Programming (XP) provides a set of technically rigorous, team-oriented practices -- e.g. Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Pairing -- that empower teams to deliver high quality software, iteratively. At Pivotal, our Labs practice built their reputation on their particular flavor of XP. However Pivotal is more than Labs: we ship enterprise products including Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Greenplum Database, and GemFire. How does XP apply when you have multiple teams collaborating across multiple timezones and locations to deliver a shipping product? This talk lays out the XP practices as the foundation but then explains how we operate at scale to achieve visibility, tight feedback loops, and radical collaboration even with large products and distributed teams. This talk covers what we've learned about organizing CI pipelines, the way we think about organizing teams around code ownership, and how we deal with cross-team dependencies. The answers we have found are simple, but as we all know simple can be very, very hard. In addition to looking at our practices, this talk will consider the cultural elements that enable us to succeed at applying XP at scale.

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Elisabeth is responsible for the development of Pivotal's big data solutions.Previously at Pivotal, Elisabeth worked both with Pivotal Labs and on Cloud Foundry. She brings that combination of agile, cloud, and devops experience to the big data products. Under her leadership, the R&D teams have successfully transitioned to an agile, iterative approach, shipping releases of our enterprise-class data products on a frequent cadence.Early in her career, Elisabeth worked at Sybase, where she developed a love of all things Data.Elisabeth is a recognized as a leader in Agile software development and received the prestigious Gordon Pask Award from the Agile Alliance. She is the author of Explore It! from Pragmatic Bookshelf.