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July 28 – August 1 | Nashville, Tennessee

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

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Agile2013 Session Videos

Agile Leadership & Roles
Empowering the team requires a very different approach to leadership. An empowered team has the authority and responsibility to make decisions, rather than needing to approval or instructions from a manager. The team itself self-organizes around a le…
Agile Planning & Project Management
In this session we will shatter the myth that agile teams can't plan. We'll start by looking at the benefits of the short cycles of iterative and incremental development. We'll then look at the six different levels of planning that occur in agile org…
Code Literacy for Non-Programmers
Should Designers be coding? How about Product Owners? Just how technical should your team be? In real-world Agile teams, traditionally defined roles are being displaced by a culture of collective ownership. Responsibilities are being decoupled from j…
A new era at IBM. Lean UX leading the way
Large companies tend to have strictly-enforced and heavy processes, which make them slow moving and generally a place where it is hard to innovate. IBM has long been an engineer-led organization, where UX to engineer ratios are still be very low in s…
Enterprise Agility – A Practical De-Mystification
Agile is well understood and practiced in the R&D units of many enterprises. As the agile approach yields success stories in R&D, other parts of an enterprise have become interested in, or in fact pulled into, applying these Agile principles …
Self-Service Build and Deployment at Netflix
Netflix customers stream their movies and TV shows via a Service Oriented Architecture made up of hundreds of fine grained services. The teams who own each service are responsible for maintaining their services and deploying them to our production AW…

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