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July 28 – August 1 | Nashville, Tennessee

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

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Agile2013 Session Videos

So You Want to Do a Startup!
So, you've got a big idea and want to do a startup. Awesome! Where will you start? There's no gathering customer requirements - this isn't a custom dev shop. Nor can you just go off & start building -- 9 out of 10 new products fail and *if you bu…
De-Mystifying Kanban: Understanding Its Many Faces
There is a lot of confusion about what Kanban is. Some of this is due to the fact that many people who have never used Kanban have been deriding it – saying it is a mechanistic team management method that doesn’t respect people. The fact that Kanban …
Cleaner Development Using a Branch-per-Issue Workflow
There's an exciting trend out there, especially among teams using distributed version control. It's called story-branching, or issue-driven development. For each issue a team implements - user story, bug, spike, technical task - a new development bra…
Be Agile. Scale Up. Stay Lean.
Scrum, XP, Kanban and related methods have been proven to provide step changes in productivity and quality for software teams. However, these methods do not have the native constructs necessary to scale to the enterprise. What the industry desperatel…
The Agile Mindset – what’s next?
At Agile 2013 Linda Rising gave a talk about the "Agile Mindset." In that talk she discussed how researchers have identified that we hold one of two mindsets toward ability: that we have a fixed amount of talent or intelligence, what we are born…
Agile Metrics, Velocity is NOT the goal
Velocity is one of the most common metrics used—and one of the most commonly misused—on agile projects. Velocity is simply a measurement of speed in a given direction—the rate at which a team is delivering toward a product release. As with a vehicle …

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