Twelve years after the Agile Manifesto was founded, we know a lot about how software is developed. Testing, on the other hand, is a little bit more … fuzzy. Yes, we have advice on process and some shared language around testing, but how to fit the customer-facing into a sprint remains a challenge for many teams.

In this presentation Matthew Heusser covers the Agile Software Test Literature, discussion what’s been proposed, what’s been tried … and how that played out four or five years later. Drawing examples from his own work on real software projects, colleagues, and the literature, Matt will explain some common approaches to customer-facing tests, including scripted testing, exploratory testing, performance, automated linear testing, and high-volume test automation methods.

In addition to how to test, Matt will talk about the why of testing – how Agile principles subtly shift the way we think about the work, to eliminate entire categories of risk, while making a few risk categories more important.

Instead of a simple, easy prescription (“automate everything”), Matt will cover several different approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, and why you may want to consider each one.

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