Empowering the team requires a very different approach to leadership. An empowered team has the authority and responsibility to make decisions, rather than needing to approval or instructions from a manager. The team itself self-organizes around a leader instead of reporting to a manager. This session will describe a number of leadership styles and how these apply to the various roles people play on an agile team.

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James brings over 30 years’ experience in the software industry.At Conga, James leads the development of the full suite of Conga's products. Prior to Conga, James led the development of CenturyLink's cloud management platform and held leadership roles at Microsoft and ThoughtWorks. Earlier in his career he co-founded Object Mentor Inc with Robert C. Martin, a consulting firm that specialized in training and mentoring their clients in C++, Java, Object-Oriented Programming, and Agile Methodologies.James holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.