Agile is well understood and practiced in the R&D units of many enterprises. As the agile approach yields success stories in R&D, other parts of an enterprise have become interested in, or in fact pulled into, applying these Agile principles and practices. The struggle is that agility is neither well-defined nor understood at an enterprise level, i.e. outside of R&D. Despite this challenge, non-R&D teams in these enterprises have started to try agile approaches. Why? Because these organizations want to pay more attention to delivering value to their customers. Agile seems like a good approach for that. However, many enterprises struggle because there is no overall framework gluing different parts of an agile enterprise together. For enterprises to achieve agility, they need practices outside of R&D. They need structural components for the necessary vertical decision framework. And, they need to be attentive to the cultural challenges.

In this session, we bring a holistic view of enterprise agility and provide perspectives to the following questions:

– How does an Agile Enterprise create a flow of value from the customer through the enterprise and back to the customer?

– What structures for decision making are needed to support the end-to-end flow of value? How do they connect different parts of the enterprise?

– What characteristics are the foundation of the Agile Enterprise in terms of its cultural principles and values?

– What strategy and method can be used to kick-off and lead an enterprises transformation towards agility?

Through our personal experiences in a variety of successful and unsuccessful enterprise agile transformations, we will bring our enterprise insights to attendees.

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