XP 2024 Call for Submissions

Research Workshops

25th International Conference on Agile Software Development
June 4-7, 2024 • Bolzano, Italy

Important Dates

  • Submission of proposals: January 5, 2024
  • Workshop proposals notifications: January 12, 2024
  • Workshops call for contributions on the website: January 26, 2024
  • Workshop paper submissions: April 5, 2024
  • Workshop paper notifications: April 30, 2024
  • Camera-ready versions of accepted papers: to be decided

* All dates are defined as the end of the day anywhere on earth (AoE). Please note that some dates may change.

Call and Topics of Interest

In addition to the main tracks, XP hosts a variety of high-quality workshops, providing a forum for groups of 20-40 (or more) participants to meet and discuss research questions with peers to share new and exciting ideas, which may optionally be written up and published in the formal proceedings. Research workshops are usually very effective for defining new research agendas, enhancing collaboration, and incubating scientific communities.

We invite full-day (6-hour) or half-day (3-hour) scientific workshop proposals on Agile-related topics to discuss or present results of research and practice. We welcome both already existing well-known workshops and new cutting-edge workshops in innovative topics. If there is a topic relevant to the topics of the XP conference that you feel passionate about and you want to connect with others who have similar interests, you should consider submitting a proposal to organize a workshop!

Workshop chairs may define the format of the workshop, and we more than welcome new and unconventional ideas for workshop formats, ranging from traditional mini-conferences, more presentation-oriented to highly interactive sessions, to act as retreats for domain experts, or agenda-setting opportunities. The intention is that everybody learns from the experience, the organizers as well as the participants. Common activities at workshops also include poster sessions, hands-on practical work, and focus groups. Participation in XP research workshops is preferably open.

This call for participation is for workshop organizers only; a later call will occur for workshop attendees. Each workshop must have at least two organizers, preferably from different organizations.

If the workshop is accepted, at least one of the organizers needs to attend the conference, as the workshops will run in person.

Workshop organizers are responsible for advertising the workshop (e.g., sending calls for contributions to relevant mailing lists), managing the workshop website, organizing the reviewing process (e.g., by forming a small program committee), running the workshop, and collating any results of the workshop for dissemination.


A workshop proposal of up to 5 pages should include:

  • Workshop title and one-line summary, used for advertising purposes
  • Theme and goals of the workshop and its relevance to the Agile community
  • Abstract with max. 200-word summarisation of the theme and goals of the workshop to use for advertising purposes on the XP 2024 website
  • Organizers’ names, affiliations, expertise on the topics, experience in running workshops, responsibilities for the proposed workshop, and contact details indicating the primary organizer and contact person (not necessarily the same)
  • Expected number of participants (ideal, minimum, and maximum) and numbers of previous editions, and links (if any)
  • Planned advertisement for the workshop to promote participation
  • Program committee, including tentative and already committed members
  • Format of the workshop (e.g., introductory material, paper presentations, keynotes, focus groups, panel discussions, debates) and a preliminary timetable (e.g., half or full day)
  • Expected results and how they will be disseminated to the wider public after the workshop (e.g., proceedings, workshop website)
  • Any special requirements (e.g., room configuration, audio and video)
  • A 1-page draft of the call for submissions/participation

Proposals must be submitted electronically via EasyChair or sent to the track chairs by the defined deadline. We recommend that organizers practice inclusivity and diversity when organizing their workshops.


Acceptance will be based on an evaluation of the workshop’s potential for generating useful results, the timeliness and expected interest in the topic, and the organizers’ ability to lead a successful workshop. The acceptance notification date is January 12, 2024.

The workshop proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Relevance and importance of the topic addressed
  • Attractiveness and novelty of the topic for the Agile community, as well as other relevant communities
  • Potential of the workshop results to advance the state of Agile research and practice, either by forging a new research community or by creating new collaborations
  • The interactive nature of the workshop format, e.g., workshops stimulating discussions will be preferred to those based solely on presentations
  • Balance and synergy with respect to other workshops and co-located events
  • Ability of the workshop to attract and cater to mature research, new and emerging ideas, or preferably both


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the track chairs.

Track Chairs

Lodovica Marchesi. University of Cagliari, Italy (email)  
Alfredo Goldman. University of São Paulo, Brasil (email)

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