Agile works… we get it. You don’t have to sell people on the underlying principles anymore. Agile has gone mainstream. That said, many large scale agile transformations efforts are struggling. Many transformations have failed. Many organizations are on their second or third attempt and can’t figure out why things aren’t working. It’s easy to blame the people. It’s easy to blame the process. It’s easy to blame the culture, and it’s especially easy to blame the management.

While all these factors may certainly come into play, the underlying problem is that most large organizations just weren’t built to be agile. Our challenge then is to figure out how to safely and pragmatically begin refactoring your company into the kind of organization that can adopt agile and sustain the transformation at scale. Refactoring an enterprise takes careful planning and commitment, and must be done in a way demonstrates value early and preserves your ability to make and meet near term commitments

This talk will begin by introducing a framework for understanding the type of company you work in, it’s delivery constraints, and the business drivers that are likely working against your agile transformation. We’ll follow by exploring a strategy for establishing an end state vision and operational model to guide your transformation. Finally, we’ll define an approach for incrementally introducing change, measuring outcomes, and sustaining the change once things really get going.

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