Product Ownership Explained

Agile2018 San Diego

Product ownership is one of the most important pieces of a software team. Richard Seroter takes a look at product ownership, including how to succeed, and fail.

Pragmatic Roadmaps for Agile Projects

It’s easy to think of a roadmap as a fixed and detailed plan virtually etched in stone. They are often artfully crafted and designed… bosses love them and developers hate […]

Strategic Domain-Driven Design

If you’re a software developer or architect who wants to play a more influential role in ensuring your software systems are optimised to support business goals, then you need to […]

Data Driven Coaching

This session will show how to visualize and use metrics in a team coaching practice. By attending this session you will learn how teams can see and balance a set of competing metrics, and anticipate the impact of process changes.

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