Determining where to focus Agile Coaching and Training in a large “already Agile” Tech organization can feel a bit like playing Whack-a-Mole. With hundreds of Agile practices and mindsets to potentially target and hundreds of teams at various levels of maturity and scale, how do you know which ones to target that will really make a difference? It’s easy to just focus on the areas that are least mature, rather than on the ones that might have the most impact.

In 2017, Capital One used a different approach with 2,600 employee survey responses in the areas of Intent, Planning, Flow, Team Health, Scaled Agile, Continuous Improvement, Leadership, and Engineering. We used statistical analysis to identify the impact of different Agile practices on two key areas: Team Health and Frequent Delivery of Business Value – revealing our Agile ROI!

In addition to sharing our analysis, we will tell the story of how we used these results in a multi-channel communications strategy to influence change agents towards improving practices with the largest impact rather than just improving the least mature ones.

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