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Using FEEDBACK JUJITSU to Create Accountability & Accomplish Great Work

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Somewhere between being an obnoxious jerk and empathetic pushover is a place where team mates and managers can be honest with each other. A place where feedback and accountability isn’t sooo uncomfortable we avoid them or fervently hope someone else will do it.

Good feedback is about asking for input and receiving guidance and sometimes correction, always with respect. Good feedback is not about being liked, it’s about being kind enough to be courteously honest. Good feedback is the building blocks of true accountability and leads to amazing teamwork.

This interactive presentation provides a process that is a refreshingly effective and civil. The session includes a few easy-to-follow steps that are relevant, useful, honors the other person, and can be heard.

Attend this session to learn and practice a practical roadmap for getting from where you and others are today to somewhere great tomorrow.

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