Agile Leadership & Roles

This session describes a number of leadership styles and how these apply to the various roles people play on an agile team.

Agile Planning & Project Management

In this session we will shatter the myth that agile teams can’t plan. We’ll start by looking at the benefits of the short cycles of iterative and incremental development. We’ll […]

Agile Testing: A Team Sport

Agile2016 Event Session Video

This session describes a new way of thinking about testing – as a team sport – explains how it changes the way you work, and explains where to go to keep going.

Introduction to Agile Enterprise Transitions

Agile2016 Event Session Video

Introducing Agile on the team level is a quite well-solved challenge. However, “scaling” Agile on the enterprise level is hard: there are a couple of proposed approaches and thousands of […]

Introduction to Agile: The Genesis

What is this thing everyone calls Agile? If you have been doing software development a different way your whole career you may be wondering why should I change, and what’s […]

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