Introducing Agile on team level is a quite well solved challenge. However, “scaling” agile on enterprise level is hard: there are a couple of proposed approaches and thousands of opinions about them. What advice to listen to?
Many (if not all) organizations struggle with the enterprise transition challenge. The reason is that – though there are very similar practical challenges in different companies – the company and leadership cultures vary a lot. Due to that, what works for one organization, likely will not exactly work for another.

In this talk we will look at how you can identify your approach to your enterprise transition towards Agile. We will also look at some approaches that have worked in several companies and thus might be good for you to look at or try out. And I will share some common pitfalls and challenges and how to deal with them.

During the talk I will share my own experiences from the agile transition of the company I am working at (>20000 people in R&D) and the insights I got from working as a Program Director for the Agile Alliance’s “Supporting Agile Adoption” initiative, connecting to Agile Change leaders from many different companies.

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