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July 18 – 22, 2022 | Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you for attending Agile2022!

The recorded Event Session videos from the Agile2022 conference are posted below along with presentation decks and other details. The videos are available for viewing to all active Agile Alliance members.

Agile2022 Keynotes Sessions

Product Thinking: The Secret to Scaling Value – Melissa Perri
Over the past decade, many companies have turned to Agile to help them improve how they build and release software to customers. Now, we’re faced with different questions - “How do I ensure that our company goals are being met?” “How do we scale valu…
Joy of Agility – Joshua Kerievsky
Agility isn’t a formula, a framework, nor a set of roles and rituals to follow. It’s a timeless way of thinking and being that matures with practice and skill. Becoming agile involves knowing the difference between being quick or hurrying, moving wit…
Engineering with Empathy – Kelsey Hightower
It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of building software that we tend to forget who we are building our products and services for. Developers are often assigned to work on projects they will never use, and in many cases developers never inte…

Agile2022 Program Team

Kevin Stevens Agile

Kevin Stevens

Conference Chair

Jen Krieger Agile Alliance

Jen Krieger

Program Chair

Cheryl Hammond

Cheryl Hammond

Program Chair

Cat Swetel Agile Alliance

Cat Swetel

Program Chair

Agile2022 Session Videos

The Power of Three: What Are My Three (or More) Options
Individuals and teams often jump to conclusions too quickly. Often there are good reasons for it—real- or imagined-time constraints, limited confidence or experience, a single experienced voice dominating the group, or it’s the first thing that came …
The Science of Testing
In the past decade the software development paradigm has shifted to “deliver fast” — with concomitant frameworks and methodologies to support that emphasis – but without proper consideration of quality. So most teams end up failing fast and hard when…
Turn Up the Good
Many things can hamper the effectiveness of our teams: Too many meetings, technical debt, bugs, multi-tasking, and so on. When we see these problems our first reaction is often to say “We need to fix this stuff”. We want things to be better, but just…
Undercurrents of Team Interactions
Effective teams deliver better results and more satisfaction. Yet, high team performance remains elusive. Unproductive conflict, personality mismatches, and poor communication undercut team efforts. Join us if you are on a team or work with teams. We…
Useful Metrics for Agile Teams
If you want to know that you are making progress, you need to measure. You have to be able to compare your current state to a prior state in order to know if you are progressing toward the desired (or expected) outcome. So… like it or not, you need m…
When One Size Doesn’t Fit All
In the years since the Agile Manifesto was written, there have been numerous Frameworks and other tools that have been created to support companies who are attempting to leverage Agile mindset and methodologies to provide value to customers. There is…
Working Backwards from Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
Have you heard "Agile does not work for us" and then observed all sorts of anti-patterns in Agile implementation that damage trust and impede outcomes? A similar situation exists with OKRs nowadays. OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework becomes …
XP for Everyone: Unlocking High Performing Product Teams
Lots of organizations say they have high performing teams and good product culture, but the reality is that it’s rare to have both, and even rarer to know how to make changes to make it true. The Extreme Programming (XP) methodology creates high perf…
Your Estimates Are WRONG and That’s RIGHT!
Of course your estimate is wrong! It's an estimate, not a calculation. That doesn't mean you should skip it. In fact, its wrongness is one of the most valuable things about it. In this workshop you'll explore situational awareness—one of the benefits…

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