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July 18 – 22, 2022 | Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you for attending Agile2022!

The recorded Event Session videos from the Agile2022 conference are posted below along with presentation decks and other details. The videos are available for viewing to all active Agile Alliance members.

Agile2022 Keynotes Sessions

Product Thinking: The Secret to Scaling Value – Melissa Perri
Over the past decade, many companies have turned to Agile to help them improve how they build and release software to customers. Now, we’re faced with different questions - “How do I ensure that our company goals are being met?” “How do we scale valu…
Joy of Agility – Joshua Kerievsky
Agility isn’t a formula, a framework, nor a set of roles and rituals to follow. It’s a timeless way of thinking and being that matures with practice and skill. Becoming agile involves knowing the difference between being quick or hurrying, moving wit…
Engineering with Empathy – Kelsey Hightower
It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of building software that we tend to forget who we are building our products and services for. Developers are often assigned to work on projects they will never use, and in many cases developers never inte…

Agile2022 Program Team

Kevin Stevens Agile

Kevin Stevens

Conference Chair

Jen Krieger Agile Alliance

Jen Krieger

Program Chair

Cheryl Hammond

Cheryl Hammond

Program Chair

Cat Swetel Agile Alliance

Cat Swetel

Program Chair

Agile2022 Session Videos

Looking Ahead Using Wardley Mapping
In a company, department, or team, we will often talk about “strategy”. This term is rarely well defined, or at least not defined in a way that is useful. It usually means that we need to see into the future to outmaneuver our competition, or at leas…
Modeling Better Decisions
In this skit-based presentation, follow “Skylar” through a day in their life as they face one problem after another. After they navigates each issue, we’ll pause to reflect. How could they make such a quick decision with confidence? Were they just gu…
Org Design Is Game Design: Make Yours a Cooperative
Forget points, leaderboards, competition. There are deeper principles in game design that apply to our teams and organizations — constructively. Game designers create special modes of agency for players: they set goals, define rules, and provide a…
Paved with Good Intentions
The problems remain the same. Legacy systems. Disengaged employees. Defects all around. Long delays getting software released. Being left behind by the competition. But why does everyone run into the same problems? And can they get out? They say the …
Project to Product: Learn from Our Mistakes
Our modern development landscape demands organizations shift from a project-centric view of development to a product-centric view. Making that transition may seem simple on the surface, but in practice even we, the company that wrote the book “Projec…
Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview
You are passionate about software development, or product management, or leadership, or user experience, or documentation, or organization, or something else. Regardless of your role, you care about being agile. Here you are, preparing for your next …
Quickly Creating Psychological Safety During Change
What if your team blazed past the stress of the pandemic, complexities of remote work, and the great resignation without missing a beat? What if they went beyond efficiency & simply being nice to each other to truly challenging each other? You’d …
Simple and Effective Solutions to Agile Finance
Agile impacts and challenges today’s finance organization requiring innovative new approaches for success. Unfortunately, financial guidance related to agile is sparse and often lacks practical guidance for adoption. The Agile Finance Framework was d…
The Org That BAPO Built
Conways Law - the concept that your product resembles your org structure - is a double-edged sword. If your organization is intentionally structured to optimize your strengths, it’s great! However, oftentimes organizations are the result of unintenti…

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