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July 19 - 22 | Online

Remote Work

Most of us are in a position where remote work will be a significant part of our work life for the foreseeable future. And sometimes it’s an uphill slog to get remote teams amped up to deliver. There are several great Agile2021 sessions aimed at helping improve the effectiveness of remote teams and meetings.

Who should attend: Scrum Masters, Coaches, and Team Facilitators


Detangling Remote Interactions with Neuroscience

Kirsten Clacey & Jay-Allen Morris

How can you leverage neuroscience to enable higher quality remote meeting outcomes? You might have experienced in remote meetings that people seem distracted or tense, there’s less engagement and the tone maybe feels a little colder. These conditions impact the quality of thinking within the session and as a result, the outcomes that are achieved. Why are remote meetings so difficult? And what can we do about it?

Kirsten Clacey, Automattic & Jay-Allen Morris, eyeo

2020 introduced the largest remote work experiment ever. Vaccines to counter Covid-19 and new policies to safely work together have emerged. Hybrid remote seems the obvious solution as we moved into 2021. But is it a solution or another forced experiment? Does remote still seem like a better option or a temporary fix? We’ll explore why some organizations have chosen remote work, some of the key principles that need to be in place to make remote work successful, and when being face-to-face still provides the better option for certain types of work. – Mark Kilby, K5Labs LLC

Want a remote-friendly tool to help your teams start building great products that people love? The Product Inception Canvas is a practical worksheet to help you, your business people, your stakeholders, and everyone else on your team discovers exactly what to do next as you build and extend your product. We begin by identifying, discussing, and aligning on our company vision and product vision; Next, we identify stakeholders and bring them to life; finally, we put it all together into a product backlog—an ordered to-do list of everything we want to be true about our product in the future: What are the wants and needs of our stakeholders? What problems will we solve for them? Which problems should we solve first to maximize their joy? – Richard Kasperowski, Certified Agile Team Building™

Imagine t his: Your siloed software team starts working cross-functionally and collaboratively when all of them are working remotely. Team members say ‘our code’ instead of ‘my code’ or ‘their code’. Imagine further that you, the not-so-technical coach, have guided them through this transformation remotely and not being able to have face to face interaction in the same room with them. Even if you can’t code, through collaboration you can facilitate remote mob programming sessions that can bring the team together.

Nazee Hajebi – AppDynamics


Agile Dance - Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Alex Sloley & Roslyn Martin

The mental wellness of individuals, and people together on teams, plays an important role in enabling high-performing organizations. Dance is a universal component of all human societies, impacting the arts, culture, language, religion, entertainment, and even mating rituals. With the move to virtual teams, having a team ‘dance’ can bring a sense of ‘togetherness’ even as we are all physically distant. In this workshop, together we will learn the fundamentals of dance and how to create an engaging team formation activity (for both the physical and virtual world). We explore the emerging philosophy of Dance Therapy and how dance can help build and support a culture of self, and team-care. – Roslyn Martin, Macquarie Bank & Alex Sloley, Alex Sloley


Remote Game Facilitation

Marc Bless & Dennis Wagner

As an experienced Scrum Master or Agile Coach, you look for advanced ways to engage and train your teams for specific learning objectives. In this workshop, we show you which games to pick and how to facilitate them remotely. We will provide tips and tricks from the trenches on how to prepare agile gaming sessions, how to deal with skeptics, and which struggles and pitfalls to expect.

Marc Bless, UG & Dennis Wagner, dwcg Consulting

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