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July 25 – 29 | Hyatt Regency | Atlanta, GA

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Agile2016 Keynotes Sessions

Joshua Kerievsky

Industry Analyst Panel Discussion

Rebecca Parsons, Tom Grant, Ray Arell, Steve Denning

Agile2019 Program Team

Brian Button Agile Alliance Board

Conference Chair

Program Chair

Program Chair

Program Chair

Agile2016 Session Videos

Technical Debt: OK, It’s Bad. Now What Do We Do About It?
Technical debt is a burden on software innovation that we would rather avoid, and certainly clean up whenever possible. However, in most organizations, people don't prevent technical debt nearly as much as they should, and they rarely get the time to…
The Business of Agile:  Better, Faster, Cheaper
During my last agile transformation a key stakeholder asked me, “Why are we doing this?” I talked about increasing quality, delivering software sooner, and fostering a more collaborative relationship with our business partners. After a few minutes, h…
Persona Based Teams – The Ultimate Focus
Do your teams feel disconnected from their customers? Do they know who uses the software you build? Perhaps they lack inspiration because they don't experience the value that they're delivering to their users? It might be that your product has 160 d…
Dynamic reteaming: how we thrived by rebuilding teams
Who says you need "stable" teams in order to build a successful software company? While the addition or removal of one person from a team means you have a "new team", there is a myth out there about "stable" teams. When your team compositions change …
How to Create Leaders at All Levels
Organizations that need to respond to a fast-changing environment and desire continuous improvement can't wait for the chain of command or rely on detailed rules and procedures. They need a different way of ensuring people are working towards organiz…

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