Do your teams feel disconnected from their customers? Do they know who uses the software you build? Perhaps they lack inspiration because they don't experience the value that they're delivering to their users?

It might be that your product has 160 distinct components, some of which could be entire products on their own? It gets used every single day by thousands of people who are not just "users", rather 57 unique personas that use different parts of your product in different ways.

This presentation aims to show how Mxi has formed its teams around personas, not features or components. We will take you on our journey of discovery, finding out your product is too big for one head and what we did to solve that problem. Along the way we will help you spot the symptoms of the problems we faced and some tips, tricks and tools we used to counter them.

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I am an advocate for continuous improvement and Agile delivery. I am not in this game for a trendy label, I want to make work a better place to spend the majority of your life. I help teams and organisations who want to start their Agile journey or look to improve their current (non software) business processes. I love to spend my time working with the workers, helping them to help themselves build energised, purposeful and courageous teams.

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