*Better, Faster, Cheaper* – business guys want all that Agile pixie dust. But, they don’t really know what Agility is about and how the “magic” happens. They don’t know how deeply Agility affects them, or how their values and behaviors affect Agility. They don’t know, and they don’t care. But, they need to!

This talk is about the economics of Agility. That is, it is about how business ecosystems use limited resources to achieve their (nearly) unlimited objectives. It is about how we often deploy our resources badly, and how we can – actually and practically – do better. Into this gap, we place our lever of Agility to achieve *Better, Faster, Cheaper*. This talk discusses where this leverage really comes from and how it works. It does this in economic- & risk-oriented language that any business person can understand and *will* care about … and which has convinced several large companies to begin earnest, Business-side Agile initiatives.

If you think that you know how Agility works, you will be in for a few surprises. You will find new ways of explaining Agility to your Business associates that will give you greater traction and help to open closed doors.

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