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July 25 – 29 | Hyatt Regency | Atlanta, GA

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Agile2016 Keynotes Sessions

Joshua Kerievsky

Industry Analyst Panel Discussion

Rebecca Parsons, Tom Grant, Ray Arell, Steve Denning

Agile2019 Program Team

Brian Button Agile Alliance Board

Conference Chair

Program Chair

Program Chair

Program Chair

Agile2016 Session Videos

Agile Testing: A Team Sport
Implementing a feature in a two week timebox is easy enough - Reduce scope to a few small changes. The real problem comes when we try to compress testing from months to a day or two. It is possible, but it will take a lot more than stories, sprints,…
Introduction to Agile Enterprise Transitions
Introducing Agile on the team level is a quite well-solved challenge. However, “scaling” Agile on the enterprise level is hard: there are a couple of proposed approaches and thousands of opinions about them. What advice to listen to? Many (if not al…
Finding Agreement When Everyone Is Right
Are you a good agree-er? Do others agree with you often? Do you know how to make agreement spread? Have you ever tried to have lunch with a group of five or more coworkers and had trouble agreeing on where to go? Or come to the end of a sprint and b…
Facilitation #FTW!  A surprising tool in an Agile transformation
How is "facilitation" a surprising tool in an Agile transformation? Good facilitation wins the hearts and minds of the people. Without people, you have no transformation. If you want to create a "pull", rather than a "push", then grab onto facilitati…
User Story Smells and Anti-patterns
Agilists employ user stories as a way to capture user requirements and drive the planning process for iterative and incremental delivery of software. Traditionalists with experience in “big requirements up front” often struggle with the brevity of us…
Incorporating security testing into an agile testing approach
As more and more security-critical software applications are developed, tested, and delivered using agile, incorporating software security practices into an agile testing process becomes essential. This talk focuses on how to successfully incorporate…

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