Portfolio Management is not a new discipline. However, since the introduction of SAFe in 2012, it’s moved into the mainstream and the importance of structured Portfolio Management has become increasingly more important within the Lean Agile community. But why has this shift occurred? It’s a direct result of today’s business climate, because companies need to ensure they are working on the right stuff at the right time to seize competitive advantage through speed to market by harnessing the power of Lean Agile Development practices. The ability to innovate, and be innovative to create a fast, flexible flow from concept to cash is no longer a nice ability to have… it is a must for corporate survival. In this session, we will discuss how the SAFe 4.0 components at the Portfolio and Value Stream levels come together in a cohesive manner to ensure your organization harnesses the innovation, speed, and agility necessary to survive and thrive in the coming years!

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