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July 28 – August 1 | Orlando, Florida

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Agile2014 Keynotes Sessions

Bjarte Bogsnes

Diana Larsen

Sam Guckenheimer

Industry Analyst Panel Discussion

Melinda Ballou, Tom Grant, Chris Rommel, Nathan Wilson, Jim Newkirk

Agile2014 Program Team

Conference Chair

Program Chair

Program Chair

Program Chair

Agile2014 Session Videos

What would it mean to Coach an Agile Enterprise?
Enterprise agility is both a hugely popular aspiration and a widely misunderstood buzzword. Many of us as Agile coaches wonder how we can lead and catalyze agility at an organizational level. Our intentions are earnest, but our skills and understandi…
The Three C’s of DevOps
What is "DevOps"? Is it more than just a label placed on IT practices of successful companies? You're coding your infrastructure, you're counting api requests per second, you've built a continuous delivery pipeline, but are you DevOp'ing? DevOps is…
Agile and The Very Large Organization: A Perfect Match
Deliver working, bug-free software daily using Acceptance Test Driven Development, TDD, Continuous Integration, Automated Infrastructure and Cloud Based Deployments connected to Internal Data Centers. All of this in a regulated, siloed, schedule driv…
Cultivating Agile Requirements
In an Agile environment, maintaining an ever-changing backlog of requirements can be intimidating, exhausting, and overwhelming. Without a sustainable process to cultivate the backlog, the Agile team can struggle to deliver value to its customers. …
Leadership at Spotify
Spotify have been growing quickly as a company, and we are continuously experimenting with ways of making the company work as effectively as possible. Creating strong team autonomy and making sure we are all aligned requires effective and strong serv…
Scaling Scrum using Object Oriented Architecture
Alex Brown and Jeff Sutherland will outline an object-oriented model for scaling Scrum across the entire business enterprise. A modular approach allows the system to function using different specific solutions for each module, which enables this appr…

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