Spotify have been growing quickly as a company, and we are continuously experimenting with ways of making the company work as effectively as possible. Creating strong team autonomy and making sure we are all aligned requires effective and strong servant leadership.

We have gotten a lot of attention for our way of organizing into squads, chapters, tribes and guilds. One question we often get is how management and leadership in this organization works. So we would like to share what leadership in a large agile organization like Spotify looks like.

Some of the topics we will cover are:
– What can leadership look like in a large agile organization?
– How can a leader support autonomy and alignment?
– How does a leader help growing high-impact teams?
– How our different forms of leadership – both formal and informal, product, organizational and technical – overlap and interact to create successful teams
– Fostering informal leadership
– Informal leadership – acts of leadership
– Challenges that we have run in to

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