Enterprise agility is both a hugely popular aspiration and a widely misunderstood buzzword. Many of us as Agile coaches wonder how we can lead and catalyze agility at an organizational level. Our intentions are earnest, but our skills and understanding are partial. This interactive talk will explore what it would mean to coach across an enterprise, from an executive’s leadership maturity to the limits of culture, from organization structures to value creating processes.

Drawing on 12 years as an enterprise Agile coach, I developed the **Integral Agile Transformation** framework (upcoming book, *Coaching the Agile Enterprise*), which includes the four prime perspectives — *psychological*, *behavioral*, *cultural* and *systemic*. These perspectives help reveal both our limits and our strengths as enterprise agile coaches, all four of which are needed for a successful transformation. Each implies a type of competency and a mindset required to leverage the perspective. Further, we’ll explore four levels of developmental complexity (from Spiral Dynamics) to understand what is actually possible for a given organization and individuals with whom we work.

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