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Agile methods not only promise us a better way of working, but also a better way of life. Through owning our personal objectives and iterating constantly towards our better selves, we can reap the rewards of agile philosophy in our personal lives.

Enter “Thing Three”, an informal peer coaching framework to make personal agile a reality. In this framework, three people with commitment to the process hold each other accountable and offer coaching through brief weekly standups. The process includes personal adherence to agile techniques like limiting WIP, and iterating with purpose to ensure focus and progress.

Ultimately, Thing Three leads to faster personal achievement, no matter the individual’s goal. Plus the journey is so much more enjoyable with others to help you.

In this lightning talk, William Kammersell shares the Thing Three agile peer coaching model as well as tips, tricks, and lessons he have learned over the last year using it. After watching the video, you’ll have the ability to use agile peer coaching to achieve your most ambitious goals yet.

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