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Excellence, quality and continuous improvement are important, but the pursuit of perfection …not so much. Our drive to make things look or seem perfect is dangerously on the rise and has dire consequences for how we feel about ourselves, how we live and work and how we collaborate with others. Lynne Cazaly shares the latest thinking on how being more ‘ish’ – which means somewhat, more or less, to some extent – is a more flexible, helpful and effective way to think and work. We can go for iteration over perfection more often.

About the Speaker(s)

Lynne Cazaly is a work futurist and expert in new and better ways of working. She is an international keynote speaker (in person, virtual and hybrid) and an award winning author with her ideas and thoughts published in 10 books. She consults to leaders, teams and businesses guiding them through their adoption of new and creative ways of working as they respond to changes in work. She is an exceptional keynote speaker and facilitator and from her years of radio broadcasting experience it’s clear to see why. She crafts, delivers and presents messages that inspire, entertain and change audiences. Lynne Cazaly has lectured with leading universities in undergraduate and post graduate programs on advertising, marketing, influence, speaking, media, change and communications. She is a CSP - a Certified Speaking Professional - a certification only a small number of public speakers in the world have achieved and a guarantee of the quality, standard and professionalism of her intellectual property and her delivery as a speaker and adviser. Lynne Cazaly appears in the media, on television, radio and in print and social media as an expert on work, the future of work, leadership and workplace trends. Her thinking and ideas are published in Harvard Business Review, and many other media and business publications. Her in person and online sessions are well-known for being interactive, informative and inspiring, leaving an impact on people for years to come.