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As a result of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, the way we work, collaborate, and live has changed dramatically. Many of us are currently “working from home” in quarantine to reduce our pandemic exposure and the risk of infection for our colleagues and families. Collaboration is increasingly facilitated by a variety of internet-based tools – substituting screens for face-to-face interactions. How do does this impact our productivity and the future of Agile? Join us as our panelists share their experiences and observations!

About the Speaker(s)

Rachel Reinitz is an IBM Fellow, CTO and Founder of the IBM Garage. The IBM Garages are consulting labs in startup communities that partner with clients to transform how they design, develop, modernize, and deploy cloud applications. You can learn more about the Garage and the IBM Garage Methodology at

After gaining her Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2001 she spent the next 10 years failing to choose between being a researcher / teacher in academia, and being a teacher / facilitator in industry. She eventually squared the circle by starting her own company, metadeveloper, which develops developers by teaching CS, teaching how to teach CS, inviting speakers to IT conferences, and facilitating software development in various ways. She has facilitated retrospectives and other meetings for the past 15 years during which time she has made all the mistakes possible in that field. Aino has lived in Stockholm, Lund, and Cambridge, but she is now back in Aarhus, Denmark, where she lives with her family, and a growing collection of plush cephalopods.

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Steven Fraser is based in Silicon Valley (California, USA) and consults for Innoxec on open innovation strategies, university relations, tech transfer, and agile best practices. Previously, Fraser served as the Lead for HP’s Global University Programs, Director of the Cisco Research Center, Senior Staff at Qualcomm’s Learning Center, and as a Senior Manager in Nortel’s Global External Research program. Prior to transitioning with Nortel to Silicon Valley, Fraser was a member BNR’s Computing Research Lab in Ottawa and served as a Visiting Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in Pittsburgh. With a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering (Software Engineering) from McGill University (Montréal, Québec), a Masters from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) in Engineering Physics, and Bachelors from McGill in Physics and Computer Science, Fraser is a senior member of both the ACM and the IEEE, and has recently co-authored a book with E.E. Gaertner “From the Heart of Europe to the Wonders of Canada – A Story of One Woman’s Century.” Fraser has contributed to over 100 corporate, ACM, IEEE, and Agile Alliance conferences and panels (