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Open source development combines distributed teams, resource constraints and an overload of end user input. Despite these challenges, the velocity of popular open source projects is measurably higher than that of their enterprise counterparts. The time has come to bridge the lessons learned from open source development with enterprise Agile. We will start with an examination of several successful open source projects and their take on Agile delivery. In this talk, Dr. Mik Kersten, creator of the Eclipse Mylyn project which now sees 2M downloads/month, will review the overlap of open source approaches and Agile methods and highlight 10 best practices that Agile practitioners can apply to improve the collaboration and productivity of their teams. Each of the 10 best practices will be grounded in empirical data collected from Mylyn and other public open source projects hosted on Apache and GitHub. Graphics and visualizations will demonstrate how open source collaboration evolves over time to provide the audience with an intuitive appreciation for this style of Agile delivery. Attendees will learn strategies for connecting the lean methodologies of Agile and open source development with the application lifecycle management and predictability needs of large-scale enterprise Agile.

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