In their presentation, “Bill and Aimee’s Excellent DevOps Journey”, Bill Donaldson (Dev) and Aimee Bechtle (Ops) will share a summary of their tumultuous journey that has resulted in 75% of their corporate applications utilizing Continuous Integration with automated deployments, a 70% reduction in labor, and 288% reduction of cycle time. They will support these numbers with charts depicting the deployment volumes over the course of a 1.5 year adoption. They will share how by selecting the right applications, approach, and people from Dev and Ops, and using creative ways to advertise success, the new capabilities were embraced and adopted in their organization. The presentation will conclude with how Aimee has transformed her team to support Continuous Integration with auto deploy. Additionally, she will share why the 25% remain in the manual system and how she’s pursuing Continuous Delivery.

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