The management of development and test environments is major concern when trying to optimize the value stream of any software development project. In this context, implementing Self-Service Infrastructure may help your organization to simplify the management of these environments. In this session we will review the foundations and benefits of Self- Service Infrastructure. We will also review the most common challenges and how to overcome them using some patterns. Finally we will see a set of tools to implement this practice and a couple of demos that will provide a better understanding of principles behind the tools.

About the Speaker(s)

I am a software engineer with almost 20 years of experience working in the software industry. I also work at the university as a Professor where I teach software engineering. I am active member of the Latin American Agile Community. I have been speaker at several international conferences like Agile 2017, XP2016, XP2015, Agiles 2014, Smalltalks 2011, ESUG 2010 and I have also published several books and articles Agile Software development.