In 2019, the conversation is no longer about whether Agile is appropriate for government, but rather how do we it, how to we do it better, what do we need to change to make it work. In this foundations session, we start by exploring Agile values, principles, and the Agile mindset. We will identify how this aligns with the compliance and governance needs of our government and where this may cause issues with those needs. From there we will review the Scrum framework, in particular, the roles, meetings and artifacts. We will address how this is implemented in an environment of Federal staffers, contractors/vendor teams, and mixed teams. We conclude with aligning the culture, processes, and leadership in government to enable agility. This includes common pitfalls, obstacles and sharing of success stories. Coming out of this session, attendees will walk away with a great shared understanding of Agile and Scrum and an understanding on how to make it work in our government agencies.

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