How To Use AI To Be More Human

As modern Agilists, we know that staying ahead of the game and continuously learning is key. And that’s why understanding AI and incorporating it into our coaching toolbox is essential.

Leveraging ChatGPT to Enhance your Agility

This session covers how ChatGPT can boost your Agility, covering topics like its definition, benefits, implementation strategies, risk management, confidently presenting it to leaders, and envisioning its future impact.

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Agile2023 – The Scotland Experience

Would you try a new sport that involves risk of injury or harm without some form of guidance, training, or coaching? For most people, the answer is likely to be […]

Building a Culture of Experimentation

Agile2023 Conference

“But this is how we’ve always done it!” If hearing this phrase inspires you to try something new, then you’re looking at the right session. It’s time to think like […]

Storytelling through the product lens 

Agile2023 Conference

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage, inspire, teach and learn so naturally plays a fundamental part in the world of product. At all levels of the business, regardless of […]

Scrum meets Org. Design

Agile2023 Conference

You started your agile journey with a couple of Scrum teams, and after an exciting success, scaling started to happen. Now you have several squads, organized in tribes or trains […]

You Need a Product Office

Agile2023 Conference

We all understand projects. They start and they end. Hopefully close to when we hoped they would and for about the same cost. But products work differently and Agile is […]

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