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Agile Alliance BYOC Member Lean Coffee

BYOC – Lean Coffee

Wednesday, September 29th – Online

Bring your own coffee, and explore any topic with lean coffee. Join fellow agilists to share knowledge, discuss options, challenge assumptions, unlearn, and learn together. Lean coffee is an agendaless meeting with a loose structure. The people that show up bring the topics and decide the priority in which they are discussed.

Wednesday, September 29th

Agile Alliance – Game On

Game On!

Thursday, October 7th – Online

Experience Applied Learning with Agile games! Join us as part of the free Access Agile Festival for improv games that unleash the mindset of agility. You’ll participate in a series of exercises that could unlock “aha” moments – learn, laugh, and bring back new ideas to your teams.

Friday, October 15th

Agile Alliance SOS – Save Our Ship

Save Our Ship

Wednesday, October 20th – Online

“Ship it!” Those words could make you smile, cause excitement or even quiet the room with dread. Save Our Ship is a new monthly meet-up space for Agile practitioners to learn, share, and collaborate on the journey to deliver – conversations to help teams move to shipping products and solutions.

Wednesday, October 20th

Agile Tech Talks

Agile Tech Talks

Thursday, October 14th – Online

Can accessible products come from an inaccessible developer experience? Software development teams where everyone is alike, while comfortable, are not effective. We’ll explore the idea of an accessible developer experience as a way of leaning into the XP principles of Humanity and Diversity.

Thursday, October 14th

producto no solo proyecto

Poducto No Solo Proyecto

15 de octubre de 2021

Acompáñanos en nuestro cuarto seminario web. Seminario web a través de Zoom con la participación de tres oradores y ronda de preguntas y respuestas. Gratuito para miembros y suscriptores del Agile Alliance. Lista de oradores – Martin Alaimo, Maria Polo y Antonio Gallardo.

15 de octubre de 2021

Agile Alliance Virtual Member Meet & Greet

Member Meet & Greet

Friday, October 15th – Online

Join us for an online meetup of Agile Alliance members in our Virtual Lounge. We’ll kick things off with a brief introduction to new members on membership benefits, followed by networking opportunities where you can meet other agilists and discuss what’s on your mind. Our staff will be available as well for one-on-one conversations.

Friday, October 15th

Agile2022 Nashville Live Music

Agile Coaching Network

Friday, October 29th – Online

Do you need help with your Agile adoption? Or want to share what worked or didn’t as you were working with Agile in your own company? If so, Agile Alliance invites you to participate in the Agile Coaching Network (ACN). The ACN is a free monthly live webcast and podcast that enables you to learn and share with other Agile practitioners.

Monthly Event – Online

Agile Testing Days 2021

Agile Testing Days 2021

November 15-18, 2021

The Agile Testing Days Conference is a global festival for the Agile community where you can network and gain deep insights into testing and Agile excellence. Explore the 4-day program now and start planning your next AgileTD learning adventure. This year’s Agile Testing Days takes place in Potsdam, Germany.

November 15-18, 2021

agile2022 Nashville

Agile2022 Conference

July 18-22, 2022

Save the date for July 18-22, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee! You won’t find a city more accommodating, authentic, and accessible than Nashville. With a music scene that is second to none, regional restaurants with rockstar chefs, and so much more, Nashville is the perfect collaboration of business and pleasure.

July 18-22, 2022

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