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Remote Work and Distributed Teams

The Future of Agile in a Hybrid World

Working remotely is not a constraint, it’s an opportunity!​

Staying in sync with coworkers has never been more important, yet how do you handle all the normal day-to-day things like meetings and tracking tasks? What about basic communication? We all know that Agile teams value face-to-face interaction. How do we accomplish this in the current environment?

You may not know this, but Agile Alliance is a virtual organization. We work remotely every day. Our member community has written and spoken about this topic and we have assembled these event sessions, experience reports, blog posts, and more for you below. We are also working to provide you with new resources as they become available.

Please share with your colleagues and peers. Feel free to reach out with any questions – we’re all in this together.

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The Rise of Hybrid Work and What it Means For Agile
Working from home or another remote location is not a new concept. High-tech companies have been doing this over the last decade, and it was becoming increasingly popular even before the worldwide pandemic. Better technology, cond…
One Year of Remote Mob Programming
Experience Report
Mob programming is an extremely effective way to develop software, not only in-person, but also remotely. Over the past year, my team and I have been exploring ways to collaborate while working remotely. While there are some requi…
Remote Onboarding to Agile Teams
Experience Report
A feeling of isolation, difficulty adapting to a new working environment, and a much longer learning curve is often associated with remote onboarding. However, as we learnt at the German startup scoutbee, it doesn’t always have to…
Humanizing Remote Collaboration
I had the great pleasure to interview Thomas Wallet, an old friend with whom I reunited after many years. Thomas works at Kleer, a company that helps organizations in Argentina and other countries to walk the path to Agility. T…
Remote Mob Programming AMA
Event Session
There is nothing quite like the feeling of mob programming: everyone seated around a single screen, all oriented toward the same goal, problem solving together. The practice supports good quality, increases knowledge transfer, and…
Webinar Recap: Tools for Effective Remote Agile Teams
Sprint planning. Product backlog refinement. Daily stand-ups. Sprint review. Demos. And then the retrospective. How you adapt these practices to meet the needs of your suddenly distributed team can make the difference betwe…
Effective Retrospectives in the Age of Coronavirus
Setting the stage. Gathering data. Encouraging participation. Making your team feel safe. Suddenly Distributed: Effective Retrospectives in the Age of Coronavirus Facilitating retrospectives doesn’t come without challenges t…
Tools for Effective Distributed Agile Teams
Setting the stage. Gathering data. Encouraging participation. Making your team feel safe. How are you adapting your daily practices to meet the demands of a remote team? Where you could rely on in-person stand-ups and Post-it® …
Effective Agility in the Age of Coronavirus
To help you identify resources and navigate the challenges facing your suddenly distributed team, we’ve gathered a panel of experts to share their thoughts on the current work environment for a virtual roundtable. https://retr…
Handling Conflict at a Distance
Things are not what they used to be. Many are now working remotely for the first time in their lives – away from those they are used to being with five days a week. One of the challenges of working remotely is dealing with conf…

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