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I’m often asked how I started in the Agile community and #WomenInAgile. The answer is not that simple. It was many random events, introductions, and sometimes just luck. That’s part of what this year’s Women in Agile event is about – empowering you to “make your own luck.”

The event known as #WomenInAgile had its inception in 2016 before the Agile2016 conference in Atlanta. It provided a workshop space for 100 practitioners to meet, network, and confront the challenges of diversity and equitable representation in the Agile community. The goal was to inform the community about the state of diversity, the hardships diverse groups face, and the why individuals and groups participate or don’t participate in Agile community activities in proportional numbers. The great news? We have seen success! Over a dozen people reached out to me about starting their own chapters of Women in Agile in addition to holding summits similar to the one in 2016. But we still have work to do and luckily, we’ve been approved for another year!

The parts I’m most excited about for 2017 are the keynotes! Keeping with the empower theme, Women in Agile is looking for women in the community to do a closing keynote lightning talk! Are you interested and don’t have much speaking experience? Perfect! Empower yourself by submitting a topic and make your own luck! We’re also honored to be hosting Abigail Harrison, aspiring astronaut and founder of The Mars Generation, a non profit for kids who want to learn about space travel. She made her own luck using Kickstarter to fund a trip to Kazakstan to live stream a rocket launch! And all we’re asking for is a 7-minute lighting talk.

For the rest of the workshop, we are taking the next step toward equitability and inclusion; we are empowering participants to get involved while giving them the tools to empower themselves and make their own luck. The workshop will encompass targeted topics on empowerment to be constructed during Open Space sessions. Each topic will look to have tangible outcomes that participants can start utilizing as soon as they leave the session to empower themselves and others. The goal is less talk and more action out of it — keeping the momentum going!

I’m extending a heartfelt personal invitation to join us on the afternoon of August 6 — the Sunday afternoon before Agile2017 begins — for this inspiring and empowering workshop. What can you bring to the table? Register here and hope to see you there!

About the Author

As a developer turned Agile coach, Natalie Warnert deeply understands and embraces the talent and environment it takes to build great products. Her extensive experience in Agile methods and user experience makes Natalie’s skills an asset to any team’s continuous improvement journey.

From building the right product to building the product right, Natalie drives strategy and learning through validation. Her recognized expertise has earned her a reputation as a thought leader in the Agile industry. You will often find her speaking at conferences, and she has been invited to share her ideas at the national and international level.


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