Call for Future Conference Participation

Get Involved with Agile2010 and Beyond

We have a conference steering committee that is planning for Agile2010 and beyond (yes, long term planning is still valid in an agile context). As part of that process we are looking for individuals that have a passion, ability, and capacity to put effort into making the future conferences successful. The following roles are potential ways to volunteer and get involved:


Responsible for the overall coordination of the event. Work with the event planning team in coordinating the logistics, with the organizational team to handle marketing and sponsorships, and the Program Chairs to set the overall program. We prefer candidates for this role to have involvement with prior Agile20XX conferences and/or to have experience with coordination of other conferences. The Agile2010 Program Director will be a member of the AgileAlliance Board of Directors during 2010 and will also be a member of the Conference Steering Committee.


This team will handle Sponsorships, Marketing, Volunteers, Website, Submission System and other issues related to the operation of the event.


Overall coordination of the technical program. We typically have two Program Chairs, one with an industry background and one with an academic background.


A stage producer coordinates a particular topic of interest (Development, Testing, Customer, Leadership, etc. see for a list of stages for 2009). They work with the review team to select and produce the program.


Reviewers provide valuable feedback about submitted sessions to help ensure that we have a top notch technical program. This is a good place to start if you are interested in volunteering but have not had much other experience with conferences.

If you are interested in being involved in future conferences, please send an email

In the email, please provide us with a summary of your background, your interests, your contact information, prior conference involvement, and identify how you would be interested in being involved. The more specific you are the easier it is to make a match.

The process for involvement is that the Agile Alliance board will select a Program Director for Agile2010 and future conferences and then that Program Director will have overall responsibility for creating the organizing committees. The Steering Committee will maintain the list of interested parties and will make this list available to the Program Director.