The Value of Caring Tasks in Our Environment

The Value of Caring Tasks in Our Environment

In this interview I had the great pleasure of speaking with Antonio de la Torre (Toño), who from his native Spain has been doing valuable technical mentoring for various companies. […]

Technical Debt: Quick Start Guide For Managers

These are exciting times in the IT industry. The cloud, DevOps, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and countless other innovations are rapidly changing our marketplace. While this is exciting, […]

Technical Debt Quick Start Guide For Executives

As an executive, you know that, by quickly delivering innovative, high-value-added features, you gain new customers and market share from your competitors. All too often releases take longer and longer […]

Technical Debt is a Systemic Problem

A structural defect, not a personal failing Technical debt is the deficit in code quality that adds up over time. When you copy and paste code, create classes with unnecessary […]

Introduction to the Technical Debt Quiz

Gauge your knowledge of Technical Debt and the Agile Alliance Debt Analysis Model (A2DAM). Our open test covers the following 4 domains: The Technical Debt Concept Technical Debt management practices Good […]

Recipe for the “Dice of Debt” Game

Level Intermediate Yield 3-50+ Servings Total Time Preparation: 30 minutes Cook for 30 to 45 minutes for the game part Ingredients Dough: One slide deck prepared in advance Filling: One […]

Dice of Debt Game

Dice of Debt Game

What is this game about? Reducing technical debt is important. So why doesn’t everyone do it? What happens in the game? In this game, you’re a software development team working […]

The Agile Alliance Debt Analysis Model

As explained in our introduction document about technical debt, it is important to identify and analyze technical debt in order to take relevant decisions about its payback. One of the […]

Introduction to the Technical Debt Concept

What is Technical Debt? Where does it come from? Ward Cunningham, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, once said that some problems with code are like financial debt. […]

Project Management and Technical Debt

The adage, “Act in haste, repent at leisure,” definitely applies to technical debt. People under deadline pressure take shortcuts, which is one of several ways in which project management is […]

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