Recipe for the “Dice of Debt” Game

Added to Technology



Total Time:



3-50+ Servings

Preparation: 30 min.
Cook: 30 to 45 min. for the game part

Dough: One slide deck prepared in advance

Filling: One table per team, 12 dices per team



Step 1: Preparation

Prepare a slide deck covering the following topics:
– Introduction to the TD concept
– Introduction to the game
– Details of the rules
– Details of the measures you can take for the game
– Your turn to play
– Debriefing of the game
– Recommendations, some material which will help to deal with Technical Debt

Print in advance for each team a copy of the rules, a scorecard and the report card.

Step 2: The Workshop

Use your slide deck to start the workshop. Once you have explained the rules and how to use the scoring card, ask the attendees to organize themselves in teams around the tables. Distribute dices, rules, score and report sheets to each table. Let them play around 30 min. Provide explanations to tables asking for support. …..

Debrief and finish your slides with proposal, recommendations about how to deal with Technical Debt

Expert Tip:

Use the kit published by the AA Technical Debt Initiative on the Agile Alliance website. The kit includes the score and report card and a slide deck that you can use as a starting point. The « Dice of Debt » kit is available in different languages (Spanish, French).

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