Introduction to the Technical Debt Quiz

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Gauge your knowledge of Technical Debt and the Agile Alliance Debt Analysis Model (A2DAM). Our open test covers the following 4 domains:

  • The Technical Debt Concept
  • Technical Debt management practices
  • Good coding practices
  • The Agile Alliance Debt Analysis Model (A2DAM)

There are many ways to use this quiz and get benefits of it. Here are some examples:

  • You can use it as a training tool and a way to auto-evaluate yourself on the topic
  • You can use it to organize a challenge within an Agile team
  • You can use it as a more formal (and less funny) way to evaluate attendees of a training session about the Technical Debt concept and the Agile Alliance Debt Analysis Model and its good coding practices.

The quiz contains 20 questions and you have up to 30 minutes to complete it.

In any case, we are interested in your experience and your feedback. Please send your inputs to

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