There’s an elephant in the room that few people are talking about: Many Agile best practices heavily lean toward interaction, collaboration, meetings, and open work areas. These types of activities tend to exhaust an introvert, and introverts usually comprise 2/3 of technology project teams. According to best-selling author Susan Cain, introverts often feel discriminated against in our extrovert- dominated society. How do we reap the benefits of collaboration while not wearing the introverts on our team? The introvert may feel it’s necessary to become an extrovert to survive Agile, but not only is this unrealistic – it’s unnecessary.

Introverts and extroverts are all welcome at this session. We’ll cover strategies for introverts to increase their job satisfaction by expanding their comfort zone and how extroverts can increase empathy for the plight of their introverted team members.

This session includes related video clips, exercises, and several tips for the introverts and for the extroverts to help understand one another and negotiate working agreements that maximize the cohesion of a team.

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