What is the difference between *decent trainings* and a series of *profound, life-trajectory-altering experiences*?

We’ve all attended good trainings where we’ve picked up a few useful new tools to add to our tool box. That’s alright, but how can you create a learning relationship that flourishes for years? And advances the craft? We have experienced one such way and want to share it with you.

We (Tim and Lyssa) explore the growth pattern that Tim has gone through to become a demonstrably skilled Agile Coach, from ScrumMaster for one team to champion of an internal agile coaching capability that impacts over 70 project teams, 30 clients, and more than 1800 lives. On this journey, we have been part of an intense learning and competency-building program, and we learned a lot about learning. We learned how to construct experiences that measurably grow skills. We discovered what we are calling Servant *Learner*ship, where the roles of teacher and student are fluid in service of not only growing individual’s skills, but also deepening the discipline.

And, we believe this growth pattern can be adapted for other agile disciplines. Come discover how you can apply it to create deeper skill within yourself, and among more people in your area of agile expertise.

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