I work for ThoughtWorks, a leading global technology consulting firm . Since June 2019, I have been leading an engagement with one of Thailand’s largest banks for an organisation wide digital transformation. To create and sustain this transformation in a very traditional, hierarchical and risk averse organisation, we needed to promote simultaneous change in four key areas of the organisation’s operations:

  • Agile Delivery – Building delivery teams focused on delivering incremental business value through high quality digital products
  • Product strategy – Transforming how the organisation translates strategic goals into incremental measurable objectives, and then leverages its digital products to achieve these objectives
  • Technology – Evolving the underlying technologies used by the organisation into a modern digital platform that can support customers, internal users as well as external partners to support powerful digital ecosystems
  • People and processes – Modifying the system of rewards, recognition and promotions in the organisation pivot away from subjective opaque individual achievements to more transparent measures of actual business value provided by a team

In this experience report, I’d like to talk about how my team and I built a transformation plan addressing these four pillars, the challenges we faced in this journey and how we overcame them, and lastly the progress we’ve made thus far in this multi-year journey.

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