There are so many things outside of the code that developers need to worry about - high availability, resource usage, scaling, and so on. Salvation lies in the cloud, my friend. Platform as a Services, like the open source CloudFoundry, free developers from worrying about such mundane things are resources and deployments and let them focus on what they love, writing code.

In this session, you'll learn how to architect your systems for life in a PaaS, and how to deploy and operate your systems in the cloud. Using CloudFoundry as our example PaaS, we'll demonstrate several deployment scenarios, several capabilities you get for free like application restarts, horizontal auto-scaling, and load balancing, and show how to deploy new versions of your software with zero downtime.

About the Speaker(s)

Brian Button is the Senior Director - Agile Transformation Office for Express Scripts, where he is responsible for the agile journey of the entire organization. We're just embarking on this journey, so there are plenty of challenges and successes expected ahead! Prior to that, Brian began his career 30 years ago as a hardcore C/C++ dev on SunOS, building and delivering solutions in many languages and operating systems. He has worked in embedded systems, navigation software, mission control applications for NASA, and other interesting areas during his career. Eventually moving into Agile consulting and coaching, Brian traveled the Western world helping organizations learn better ways of developing software. He was instrumental in introducing Agile and Extreme Programming to St. Louis and has been an active leader in the Agile and Extreme Programming conferences and community in the US since the early 2000s.