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A Taste of the Dojo – An Immersive Learning Experience

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Every organization has performance gaps, i.e., capabilities that are not being performed at the desired level of performance. These performance gaps constrain the organization’s ability to deliver value to its customers.

Improving performance requires developing new capabilities, establishing better ways of working, and forming new habits. All of these requirements are dependent upon the organization’s ability to learn new skills and new ways of working.

Put more simply – organizations need to become learning organizations.

Dojos are a way of addressing these learning needs.

A dojo is an immersive, whole-team, learning experience where a team learns and applies new skills while working on their products. They apply those skills immediately to their work in the context of real-world constraints and challenges.

Attendees will learn how a dojo differs from traditional training and approaches to agile transformations. You’ll complete exercises where you’ll learn how to apply dojo principles to help teams plan and execute their learning experiences. In addition, you’ll learn how to respond to common challenges and take advantage of learning opportunities once the learning experience is underway.

This session is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn about creating immersive learning experiences for teams in their organization. Coaches, Scrum Masters, Transformation Directors, Product Managers, and Engineering Leads would all benefit from the session, but we can say this with a straight face – this session would be valuable for all attendees of Agile 2023.

During the past eight years over 50 companies have created dojos, both physical spaces and virtual environments. Joel and Dion, co-founders of Dojo and Co ( were there from the beginning and were influential in creating the dojo model. They have helped over a dozen organizations create dojos and have helped foster the adoption of the dojo model through their collaboration with members of the Dojo Consortium. They are the authors of the Amazon bestseller Creating Your Dojo: Upskill Your Organization for Digital Evolution ( Their new book, Coaching for Learning: The Art and Practice is coming out on March 1, 2023.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how dojos differ from traditional training and why they lead to lasting change
  • Understand the difference between coaching for learning and coaching for delivery
  • Apply the 7 principles for effective learning experiences to all improvement efforts, not only dojos
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current coaching efforts and training approaches
  • Understand how to plan effective learning experiences and apply that understanding to coaching teams
  • Learn how we use simulations, by participating in one, to help coaches gain coaching skills
  • Judge how a dojo / immersive learning would help your teams and organizations

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