Principles of Lean|Agile Leadership

“It is not enough that management commit themselves to quality and productivity, they must know what it is they must do.” — E. Deming Scrum, XP and Agile are well […]

Enterprise Agile? Are You Ready?

An agile enterprise increases value through effective execution and delivery in a timely and reactive manner. Such organizations do this by streamlining the flow of information, ideas, decision making, and […]

Introduction to Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)

## Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) [LeSS]( is a lightweight (agile) framework for scaling Scrum to more than one team. It was extracted out of the experiences of Bas Vodde and Craig […]

Agile Capitalization: Invest in the Future

In many companies, agile software development is misunderstood and misreported, increasing taxes, volatility in profit and loss (P&L) and costly manual time-tracking. Agile and Scrum teams inherently create production cost […]

Entangled: Solving the Hairy Problem of Team Dependencies

When portfolio and program managers undertake quarterly (or annual) feature and portfolio planning, understanding team dependencies is made necessary to identify constraints and avoid overburdening one team. Complexity quickly grows […]

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