About this Publication

What do a Brazilian bank, a Spanish clothing company and a British cosmetics company have in common?

They are all proof that a business can be sustainable, happy and profitable.

We’ll explore exactly how those areas are intertwined and how they serve to enhance and encourage each other by looking at plenty more real life examples across a range of sectors and organisations.

Unlike other books, which simply tell you that you MUST be these things, this book will also tell you HOW to do it. Each section contains practical ideas you can implement immediately—whatever your role—realistically considered and fully resourced.

About the Author

Agile Coach and Salesforce MVP, helping organisations to become more agile whilst delivering Salesforce technology. Latest invention: www.theagileretrospectivegame.com Empowering business to evolve digitally at a scale. On a mission to increase productivity, transparency and collaboration with Agile mindset. Signature Themes from The Gallup Organization: Learner, Input, Individualization, Activator and Intellection.